Transgender / Gender Identity


Transgender / Gender Identity

The issue of gender identity is a deeply personal and very painful situation for both the individual struggling, and the people who love them. Many former transgendered people communicate that they experienced feelings of failure in their biological sex. Like same-sex attraction, gender identity disorders stem from a combination of biological, psychological, and sociological factors.

“In 1997… I had irreversible sex reassignment surgery… My outward physical body was supposed to align with my true inner self… The net result of my gender transition was a sad, middle-aged, early retired, lonely, self-loathing person – at times without hope – and contemplating an end to my misery. People are being seriously deceived and being taught – almost word for word – the same deceptions, storylines, and scripts once believed by myself and many others… allowing self-gender proclamation purports to make life easier. However, my personal experience has shown that those struggling with gender identity… rather than having my struggles alleviated they seemed to be enhanced. Gender is more than a psychological construct.”
– Ex-transgender John Wenman

Are there people genuinely confused about whether they are male or female?

Yes, some people are confused about their sexual identity. In its Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychiatric Association states that people who feel their gender identity conflicts with their birth sex or with the gender role associated with that sex have gender dysphoria, a mental disorder resulting in abnormal depression and discontent about their gender. A psychological condition is considered a mental disorder if it causes distress or disability.

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