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Thank you for your interest in contacting us. PFOX exists to educate, support, and advocate for individuals and parents on the issue of same-sex attraction, and to increase others’ understanding and acceptance of the ex-gay community.
Though we are involved in some situations, our particular specialty is not in assisting individuals who want to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. However, we have many great friends and allies who do specialize in this work and we would be happy to help connect you with them. (See our FIND HELP page)

We serve the ex-gay community and the parents and friends of those struggling with same-sex attraction, and therefore our desire is to engage with this group of people as much as possible. We simply ask you to please remember that PFOX is made up of unpaid, all-volunteer staff, and as such we ask for your patience in responding to inquiries. We also may not be able to answer each and every question that is asked, as we do not typically comment on events or issues not directly related to our work.
For help as an individual or a parent, for specific questions or concerns, or media requests for an interview or comment – please use the form below to contact us.


PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays)
P.O. Box 510
Reedville, VA 22539



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