Homosexual behavior is sin. Same-sex attraction is complicated. We’re helping pastors & churches balance grace & truth to become safe for those impacted by homosexuality.

Meet two kinds of people that are in your church RIGHT NOW.

The Struggler

Someone wrestling with unwanted feelings of sexual attraction for the same-sex. This person is struggling to understand what it all means, but often feels that no one will understand them or their struggle. They also believe – and have even experienced – that anyone who learns about their struggle looks upon them with shame and rejection.

The Seeker

Someone who has been, or is currently, on the journey of overcoming unwanted same-sex attraction. They are the “ex-gay” – the person who at one time perhaps publicly identified as gay, but made a decision to change their life. This person seeks a church home where they can share their story of God’s redemption and healing without fear, stigma, or suspicion.

What is your church like?

Would a struggler or a seeker hear any of the following at your well intentioned church?

Your house of worship may not be as safe as you think it is. So ask yourself, do you want your church to be a safe exit for the struggler and seeker to find truth and community without shame, rejection, or fear? There is an exit door ahead and we can help with a plan to get you there.

Look, we get it… pastors in American
culture today are in a tough spot.

On the one hand, they worry that if they show too much compassion they risk sending a message that seems too charitable towards homosexual behavior, or that they will minimize what God calls sin and destructive.
On the other hand, they’re concerned if they come across too harsh or show too much rebuke for homosexual behavior they risk making the struggler or seeker feel unworthy and unwelcome.

It’s a delicate balance, but it’s one of the most important callings on churches and ministries today. That’s where we can help.

Engage with us

We want to meet you! Nothing can substitute for a personal connection with the ex-gay community. We would love to visit your church, if nothing more than to personally get to know you as a pastor.

If you wish, we’ll speak at your church and tell our story to your congregation. We’ll try to send a local person so you can develop a relationship with the ex-gay community that’s already near your community.

Please fill out this form and we will contact you very soon.

A trusted advisor is a rare thing.

Getting the perspective of someone who overcame same-sex attraction is valuable, but knowing they balance uncompromising truth that homosexual behavior is sin, with a love for people that can make your church safe for strugglers and ex-gays alike – that’s priceless.


Watch ex-gays give advice and recount experiences that will help you make your church safe.


First and foremost…


Our stories of redemption could transform your church


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When joking isn’t a joke


Step one when a struggler comes to your office


Remind the struggler about community…


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When ministering to people with AIDS…


Fear silences, but sharing brings freedom


Addiction, acceptance, & looking for love in all the wrong places


Being safe doesn’t mean hiding the Truth about sin


Pastor, you’re able to help more than you think


Pastor, we have your back

Empower your church

We have access to materials, training tools, curriculum, and people that can empower your congregation and transform your church into a safe exit. Here are a few things worth exploring and sharing.