Same Sex Attraction

Same Sex Attraction

It’s complicated – that’s the best way to describe the subject of homosexuality and the development of same-sex attractions in a person’s life. Often there is no quick or easy answer, but that doesn’t mean there are no answers at all. Saying that a person is simply “born gay” or that they “chose to be gay” are flawed, misleading, and unhelpful statements that often mask and cover deeper answers that can be extremely painful to uncover for both an individual, and the people around them.

The reality is that same sex attraction develops in people for different reasons through a combination of converging factors: biological, psychological, and sociological. Typically, same-sex attractions develop differently in men than they do in women, but we make no attempt to offer a one-size-fits-all explanation for every individual. What we have done is to give representation to the thousands of men and women who experienced unwanted same-sex attractions and made a decision to change their lives.

If you place science over politics, and truth – even when it is painful – over quick and easy sound bites it is possible to discover why erotic sexual attractions for the same gender developed in your life. And no one with unwanted same-sex attractions should be deprived of the hope from hearing how other people found the freedom to successfully change their lives and overcome those unwanted attractions.


There is no 'gay gene'
Change is Possible