Policymakers and Government Officials


Policymakers and Government Officials

Ex-gays must be included in the formation of public policy because we have much to contribute to the understanding of sexual orientation. Without testimony from all sectors of society, public policy on this issue is seriously flawed.

Former homosexual men and women, as well as their friends and family, feel threatened because they are subjected to a hostile environment if they publicly reveal their former homosexuality or support of the ex-gay community. Courageous men and women who have left their gay identity must not be denied their Constitutional rights. To give sexual orientation protection to one group while excluding another is outright discrimination, and is unconstitutional.


“Attempts to ban Change Therapy are harmful”

Before you unintentionally support taking away a person’s freedom to seek help towards overcoming unwanted sexual attractions with a professional therapist, make sure you know the whole story.

Change Therapy

changetherapy1Change Therapy: What is it?

Change Therapy: What is the process?
Change Therapy: What is the process?

Change Therapy: Why do some oppose it?

Change Therapy: Why banning it hurts people
Change Therapy: Why banning it hurts people

You should also consider another element of this subject:

The Problems with Pray the Gay Away

Banning people’s right of self-determination isn’t usually a winning argument in a free society. That’s just one reason why bans on Change Therapy are right now losing in state after state.

These bans are a step backwards for freedom and progress. They’re insulting to the thousands of people who used a form of Change Therapy to positively change their lives. And they’re offensive to the dignity of a human being to determine their own destiny.

Watch below as our friends Chris Doyle (Voice of the Voiceless) and Dr. Julie Hamilton (NARTH) appear on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss Change Therapy.
It may be particularly insightful for policymakers to observe anti-Change Therapy activists struggle to make their case for taking away people’s right to choose their own destiny, and resort to bullying and talking over Mr. Doyle and Dr. Hamilton during the show:

Change Therapy part 4:  Why banning it hours people?

It may also be helpful to watch licensed therapist, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, and ex-gay Christine Sneeringer discuss a form of Change Therapy (called Reparative Therapy) on the Dr. Drew Show.

Change Therapy part 4:  Why banning it hours people?