Personal Stories

With diverse backgrounds, experiences, and struggles, ex-gays can’t be squeezed into a stereotype. They are among your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers. Although their stories vary, their journeys to understand and overcome same-sex attraction share a common thread – hope.

Hope to understand, hope to heal, and hope to overcome their deepest wounds and darkest moments. Hear their personal stories below:

Floyd Godfrey

Parents | Peers | Pornography

Melissa Ingraham

Parents | Acceptance

Flo Hubbs

Acceptance | Abuse

Grace Harley

Transgender | Acceptance

Sam & Ellie

Shame | Secret Life

Mark Culligan

Parents | Acceptance

Bonnie & Phyllis

Twin Sisters | Abuse

Dan & Cathy

Living With HIV

David Pickup

"Poster Child For Homosexuality"

Stephen Black

Parents | Peers | Sex Addiction

Michael Newman

Sensitive Personality | Peers

Denise Schick

Transgender Father

Doug McIntyre

Abuse | Child Prostitution

Garry Ingraham

Peers | Pornography

Dr. Rigoberto Carrión

Abuso | El Matrimonio Gay

Michael Newman

Personalidad Sensible | Compañeros

John Lawlor

Parents | Abuse

Marisol Rodriguez

A Parent Story

Steve & Janice

Parent Stories


Parents | Peers | Sensitive Personality

Additional Stories:

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