New Documentary with Numerous Ex-Gays

New Documentary with Numerous Ex-Gays

An inspiring and hopeful new documentary has been recently produced by Pure Passion Media featuring numerous ex-gays. PFOX believes people deserve to know the truth about the
many men and women who have made this kind of decision to change their lives. This new documentary is a great addition to the growing number of people telling their story of understanding, and overcoming, their struggles with same-sex attraction.

FRANKLIN, Tenn., July 15, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Newly released documentary “Such Were Some of You” confronts the rising tide of popular opinion by chronicling the stories of 29 former homosexual men and women who say that Jesus Christ has transformed their lives. Experts in psychology, (Dr. Julie Hamilton), biblical scholarship (Dr. Robert Gagnon) and ministry (Dr. Neil Anderson) add their voice to the claim that people have been leaving homosexuality for millennia.

Created to be used in Sunday School classes, support groups and other group settings, “Such Were Some of You” has been designed as a discipleship and equipping tool for the Body of Christ. The “witnesses to change” describe how they developed homosexual confusion, what the gay lifestyle was really like, how Jesus Christ set them free and the many ways that He has been healing and transforming their lives ever since. Participants include ex-gays from numerous ethnic backgrounds and age brackets, including one former gay activist who dramatically declares at one point, “I am free!”

This two-hour documentary is available on DVD in a “Regular Edition” and a “Leader’s Edition” (which includes a Discussion Guide and a license to screen the video in group settings). For more information, go to: and Also available for screening in churches and conferences.

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